Thursday, June 07, 2007

Jericho returns

After an unprecedented revolt from viewers after it was unfairly cancelled after one season, CBS has performed an about-turn and commissioned seven further episodes of Jericho for next year in the US. We stumbled on the show when we were in Canada last year, and eagerly started watching it over here when it premiered on The Hallmark Channel.

Although the programme started reasonably strongly, American TV execs tried a strategy of pulling it off the air mid-run for three months, then moving its timeslot so it competed directly against American Idol, one of the biggest US TV shows. But having effectively created a self-fulfilling prophecy in canning it, they were unprepared for the response from frustrated American viewers.

Jericho is set in a post-apolcalyptic United States, focussing on how a small town in Kansas struggles to survive in the aftermath. It's quite simply brilliant, and for CBS to give it another chance of life is a real shot in the arm. Get in!


Steve said...

I saw a poster for Jericho the other day on the Tube and it does look interesting (I like the premise). Shame I can't get it on Freeview... By the way, I'm down to 1.93 planets, but can't quite catch you yet, Mr Peers!

Nick said...

It's excellent television. Hopefully one of the terrestrials will pick it up now it's been given seven additional episodes to prove itself. You can get Hallmark on TopUpTV, but of course it would be cheaper to source it on DVD (we'll skip the environmental questions associated with that approach!)...

You'll catch me yet on the planets - it was good getting loads of tips for more affirmative action!