Thursday, June 07, 2007

Some more positive environmental stuff

There's an article in today's Independent about cutting back on your waste. I thought we were being good getting our rubbish down to a single bin bag a week, but the author of the piece has gone further and produces less than half a wheelie bin of rubbish per year.

When you read it for the first time - see here - you might feel disheartened and exhausted by it all, but when I stop and think about how far I've come since starting to recycle for the first time in the late 1990s, I realise that it's something to aim for over time. I'm going to start by visiting the Natural Collection's web site (here) and buy a toothbrush and brush for the dishes with detachable heads. They're wood based, so when they wear out, just chuck them in the compost bin. I'm also going to pull my finger out and try these e-cloths instead of recycled paper towels - see here. Small steps, but each one helps reduce my impact on the environment while also saving me money in the long run...

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Steve said...

We've got a pair of e-cloths and they're really quite good!