Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blues transfer plans derailing?

Isn't it strange? For the past few weeks we've effectively been told that personal terms were agreed with the Spurs duo Ghaly and Mido, and yet - while we all sat waiting impatiently for the press conference to announce their arrivals - it turns out that personal terms aren't so much a stumbling block as an impenetrable gulf.

One thing's for sure - if this £9m double move collapses at the eleventh hour, which seems increasingly likely, you can be sure that money won't materialise for other players. I wonder if this is our board's last hurrah with attempting to boost season-ticket sales with miraculous one-off bids that amount to nothing: Lee Hughes, Nicky Butt and Craig Bellamy are just three of many examples where a large fee is agreed only for the move to collapse and the money to mysteriously disappear.

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