Friday, July 27, 2007

Better watch where I go

As a member of both the RSPB and National Trust, I could find myself being arrested should I ever venture to Heathrow - or even the M25 or M4 - if BAA gets it way. This astonishing news from the front page of today's Independent beggars belief, and is proof that the large corporations are losing touch with reality and democracy. Click here for the full story.

Airport expansion is bad news for the environment. And bad news for the environment will ultimately mean bad news for the human race. So why is it extremely likely that the toothless courts will allow this injunction to take place while our toothless government stands idly by, broadcasting its true impotence for all the world to see?

And to think I was going to blog about scoring a brace in last night's five-a-side while providing an assist with a back heel...

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