Sunday, July 01, 2007

Doctor Who season finale

Oh dear. Aside from the odd moment - such as the Master's ring being picked up by a mysterious hand after his body had been cremated - last night's season finale fell a long way short of previous episodes (and season endings, come to think of it). The departure of Martha as a regular companion is in my opinion a massive mistake - especially considering how well Freema Aygeman slipped into the difficult role of replacing Billie Piper.

The final story was full of gobbledegook, the villains lacked real menace and the whole concept of ageing the Doctor for some inadvised fancy CGI effect seemed a little silly really, especially considering the way he magically regained his youth to save the day. There was nothing wrong with the acting, but the script and storyline didn't appeal, sorry.

EDIT: It just goes to show how little I know about television. The episode scored 8.0 million viewers on the overnight ratings (this figure will rise to 9-10 million when the final figures are released in ten days' time), and it scored an appreciation index figure of 88 out of 100 - the highest for the series!

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