Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Europe's most environmentally friendly city

Växjö in Sweden has the title of Europe's greenest city, and it's profiled in today's Independent (see here). It's got a massive head start on the rest of us, but it's the model we all need to follow. It's taken a waste product and turned it into energy and heating, with the residue distributed back to help grow more of the product (trees). That won't work for all cities and towns in Europe, but it shows how we need to adapt to our surroundings and find workarounds. Decentralising the power grid would be a good start, but on the day when I get a leaflet through the door revealing the council want to close the local school down the road and build a load of houses in its place (see here), I cannot see Gordon Brown's government coming even close to delivering any kind of sustainable future to this country.

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