Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Green belt land under threat

Sadly, for all of Gordon Brown's rhetoric, Hazel Mears has spelled out this government's lack of care for environmental matters. As reported by the BBC here, "On Tuesday, Communities Minister Hazel Blears said house building took 'priority' over environmental concerns and said she could not given 'categoric assurances' about redrawing the green belt."

Let's forget about the fact that successive governments don't give a flying fig about the environment when all is said and done, and look at the practicalities of continuing to concrete over vast areas of land not suitable for building. It's bad enough building on flood plains without creating yet more vast areas of concrete for rainwater to quickly turn into floodwater. Floods push insurance premiums through the roof, and everyone - even those who choose sensibly when purchasing a home - gets hit by the stupidity of those who don't and the culpability of a government that cares nothing except hitting targets.

And don't get me started on over-population. The world's crammed full as it is without pointing out that our island cannot sustain 60 million people without importing just about everything from abroad. The further we all become removed from reality, the harder our eventual fall will be, mark my words.

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