Sunday, August 19, 2007

1,800 police...

will be deployed to "contain" the peaceful protest march of the climate change campaigners at Heathrow. The BBC's report is here - what struck me was the British Airline Pilots Association claiming "an informed debate" is better than the current round of action.

Excuse me, but we've been debating this issue since the end the 1980s. Scientific consensus is clear - climate change is real and happening to the extent it's no longer going to happen in 2100 or 2050 or even 2030, but that it's happening here and now. The oil companies want an "informed debate" too - right up until the point when it's too damn late to do anything about it, and all so a group of individuals with a vested interest in an industry that is playing a major role in damaging the planet's viability for human habitation can continue to profit while millions starve, scratch around in poverty and ultimately die so we can continue to enjoy cheap flights right up until the moment the planet's atmosphere makes flying - never mind life itself - a hazardous exercise.

So excuse me if I laugh at your pathetic attempts to deflect the argument yet again. Capitalism is driving mankind towards its own extinction - and this government's place in the pocket of big business (after all, it appears big business comes before the very people this government claims to "serve") is doing more than anyone else to ensure that comes to fruition. And STILL no journalist will ask the awkward questions that need to be asked of Gordon Brown.

In other news, Blues lost feebly to a 70th minute penalty against West Ham yesterday. We had one shot on target. It'll be a long, hard winter - except I will thankfully have better things to get worked up about.

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