Saturday, August 18, 2007

Inside Heathrow's protest camp

Ignore what you read in the right-wing press about the protestors at Heathrow. For another viewpoint, read today's Independent (click here). I find it ironic that the people at this camp are forced to tread very carefully when trying to raise people's awareness of climate change, while those opposed to them can use whatever tactics they like to try and rubbish what is fast becoming acknowledged as scientific fact. Remember - those who are opposed to climate change and mankind's major role in it are members of the flat earth society. And if you think the actions of individuals can't have any effect (thereby justifying your continued sky-rocketing carbon footprint) then remember to tell your children and grand children that when they ask you what you did to try and prevent us all doing our level best to destroy the viability of life for humans (never mind any other species) on the only habitable planet we know of.

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