Thursday, August 16, 2007

Blues 2, Sunderland 2

The big event of yesterday was visiting Toni's parents in their new home - a very compact, yet spacious two-bedroomed bungalow with a lovely garden. The drive to and from wasn't that pleasant, what with the pouring rain at times and the realisation the brakes need bleeding (and new disc pads). I shall have to be extra careful for the next couple of weeks before Don can have a look at it - it's only fair to let them settle in and unpack before placing more outrageous demands on them! Of course, the fact my desire to use the car currently veers between minimal and none (I was swearing on the way down that if I had my way I'd never drive again) will help.

On the way back, we heard that Blues were 1-0 up against Sunderland, but despite going 2-1 up with eight minutes to go they failed to hold on to it and conceded a last-gasp equaliser to Stern John of all players (which Blues fan can forget his last-gasp equaliser against the Villa back in 2004?). I was miffed at the time, but calmed down a little, only to be miffed this morning when I read our goalkeeper was wrestled to the floor to give John his free header into the back of the net. Of course, you won't find that mentioned in the BBC report this morning, but you will find mention of a supposed nailed-on penalty for Sunderland that never was (on account of it being a 50-50 ball and the Sunderland striker giving as good as he got). Apparently Roy Keane saw fit to visit the referee at half time to "discuss" the incident. No doubt that was in the back of the ref's mind when he decided to ignore the fact Doyle was being pinned to the ground in the 90th minute.

It's good to put on the blue-tinted glasses every now and again - however, having now viewed the highlights (you can too by clicking here), I'm even more incensed. The Sunderland player runs into and falls on top of Doyle after his world-class save from the free kick. Apparently that's now legal, which presumably means that if the goalkeeper has the ball in his hands you can now run into him, fall on top of him and push him back into the goal - legitimately.


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