Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bravo Leonardo DiCaprio

In an age where celebrities are beyond shallow (click here for an amazing expose into Posh and Becks' fears over their skin), it's refreshing to see that some only pop up in the headlines for the right reasons. Although I've never been a fan of his movies (although I did enjoy his role in Catch Me If You Can), I do admire Leonardo DiCaprio for his green credentials, which he was espousing long before it was fashionable to do so. Now he's revealed that he won't be backing any of the 2008 Presidential hopefuls because none of them have inspired him over their environmental policies - see here.

It's ironic that I'm so anti-celebrity non-news, because I seem to have developed an unwanted ability to soak up all the crappy celebrity gossip going. There's even talk of putting me on quiz teams because I seem to instinctively know what's gone into the latest issue of Hello! without reading it, although I am proud to say I know absolutely nothing about the latest series of Big Brother. It'll be a sad day if I end up being more useful on a quiz team because of my insider celebrity knowledge instead of my traditional strong points: music, sport and history...

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