Monday, October 08, 2007

Bits and bobs

An encouraging bit of news for Essex wildlife - and hopefully a step in the right direction towards protecting Britain's coasts from the sea - can be read here. I'm sure if I even glanced elsewhere I could find a dozen depressing bits of news to counter it, but not today. It's time to be positive.

Had an enjoyable day with my brother-in-law at the Gravesend Beer Festival on Saturday afternoon/evening. Paid for it yesterday, but sampled 10 beers from various parts of the country. Sadly, by about beer four or five, my taste buds were shot to hell, although I did enjoy the two Stouts. Thanks to Neil and Sandra for all the hand-me-downs for the baby too - augmented by spending a small fortune on a baby monitor, eco-disposable nappies (for the first few hours and days, and then in emergencies) and some other bits and bobs. I have to order the baby's mattress this week - thanks to Toni's mum and dad for offering to pay for it, although I will be topping up their generous donation so we can get one made from natural organic materials. Thanks too to mum and dad for their generous donation, which will help immeasurably. The clock is counting down quite fast now - around six weeks to go now! Next weekend we'll be decorating the baby's room and trying to get things organised.

Birmingham lost 2-1 at Blackburn on Sunday. Blackburn were there for the taking, but we were undone by a poor first-half showing and then conceding a penalty seconds after having a goal of our own ruled out for what was a dubious offside decision (although some reckon it was the correct one, so no complaints from me). The post-match comments were dominated by Bruce's revelation that - according to co-owner David Sullivan - the Chinese consortium will not be rubber-stamping the offer of a new contract. Five defeats in a tough opening nine games means he'll either have to earn his new deal between now and the takeover being finalised, or otherwise we may be seeing a new manager take the helm after six years. Ironically considering my previous opposition to Bruce, this might happen at the worst possible time!

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