Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Bring on the recession

That's the call of George Monbiot today in his latest piece in The Guardian - click here - and I for one applaud it. Perhaps that's why I have little interest in keeping up with the Joneses, or with purchasing a Playstation 3, or Blu-Ray Player, or 50-inch Plasma-screen TV - I know when I'm lucky and I don't want to make a mockery of my good fortune in consuming without a thought for the consequences.

And for those who have swallowed the capitalist hype that the economy is the only "hard-headed realist" thing to worry about, ask yourself how we'll be able to sustain any kind of growth when the temperature rises and people go to war not over religion or oil or so-called "democracy", but over a patch of land that gives them a gnat's chance in hell of surviving another year. You may still think green campaigners are the ones with their heads in the clouds, but at least their feet are on dry land - can you still breathe with your head buried so far beneath the sand, and isn't that the sound of the tide coming in?

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