Sunday, October 28, 2007

More government coverups

Today's Independent on Sunday leads with a startling - if entirely unsurprising - story about how this government is secretly funding GM research. Read the full story here. Ignore the fact it's about GM, and concentrate on the difficulties various environmental groups ran into when trying to get hold of this information. Compare it with what this Labour government has been saying publicly for years. Think about how this government ran into problems with nuclear power.

We're supposed to live in a fricking democracy for Christ's sake, one where those in power are supposed to serve the country's interests in a transparent, accountable way. People talk about the "sleaze" of the last Tory administration, but the wilful disregard for democracy being shown by Gordon Brown and his government beggars belief. This is a political system that is crying out for radical change, and yet we continue to elect politicians with unassailable majorities who become so accustomed to power they ritually abuse it. Are they wrong, or are we wrong for continuing to tolerate what is increasingly an alarming state of affairs?

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