Monday, October 15, 2007

A narrow escape

I don't know what came over me this morning. Money has been tight of late, not helped by the car insurance, MOT and service all coming within a few weeks of each other. By the end of this month I can add the car tax to that list. At the same time, we've obviously been spending a fair bit on Petit Pois (yesterday we decorated the nursery - Toni's idea of doing the seaside is perfect, and works really well, even before she adds the stencils over the next few days). Work hasn't returned to the heady heights of earlier this year, so all in all now is not the time to start splashing the cash around.

Which is presumably why I placed an order for a new digital camera this morning. Admittedly the price was a bargain, but I don't need a new camera, however I try to spin it ("I need it for work", "I can shoot even better pictures of the baby", "I just want to waste money on something I don't need"). So I placed the order, sat back and felt increasingly guilty.

Thank goodness Amazon allows you to cancel right up until the moment the item is dispatched (which wouldn't have been until later this week anyway). I do want one of these new breed of cameras that sits between point-and-click and full-blown digital SLR, but if I'm to make the most of them I need one with optical image stabilisation to offset my shaky hands. The camera I nearly purchased - the Fujifilm S5700 - doesn't have true image stabilisation for still images, so it would have been a mistake to have been seduced by the low price, particularly as it's still too much for me right now. My current camera is only four years old, and still does a good job, so there's no lingering disappointment at having failed to see the order through. Besides, with Christmas coming up there are far better ways to be spending any spare money I can rustle up! Presents anyone?

EDIT: I know which camera I want now - the Canon PowerShot I3 or I5. That's way out of my price range right now, so I can dream on without feeling my hand reaching for my wallet...

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