Friday, October 12, 2007

Open-cast coal mining

George Monbiot has just exposed yet another government failure on climate change. In fact, "failure" is the wrong word, because clearly in pushing through this atrocity the government is in fact a culpable orchestrator of climate change. The full story can be read here, but what shocks me is that it's similar to what is going on in the mid-western US as was reported by National Geographic a year or two ago. That story left me shaken, this story leaves me shaking with anger.

It scares me, because re-reading my blog yesterday I came across my metaphor that compares us to a lobster being boiled alive as we merrily allow government to erode our civil liberties, ride roughshod over human rights so businessmen can make more obscene profits, and place the very future of our species in jeopardy. I want to take all six billion of us and clang our heads together very hard while yelling, "Wake up you fools! Can you not see what's going on around you?"

But instead, people just sit there, slowly getting cooked. Who'd have thought the human race would come to this?

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