Friday, October 12, 2007

On tenterhooks

The car is currently in the garage getting its MOT and annual service. Naturally, knowing this car's track record, I'm trying to prepare myself for the worst, and hoping that my idea of the "worst" doesn't dwarf in comparison to the car's.

While I wait, I'm still struggling with the Willowbrook Farm interview. I've got so much material, but only 1,200 words to play with, so I'm going to have to be pretty ruthless about it. I need to get it done today, because I want the Radwans to see it before I submit it, so I've got my facts straight and they're happy with what I've written. This is not sensationalist journalism, but something I want to get right for all parties.

I've just read an interesting interview with Geoffrey Rush in The Independent - read it in full here. This Aussie actor is probably most recognisable for being Captain Barbossa, but he's much more than that, as the interview reveals (he was superb as Peter Sellers for example). Anyway, what caught my eye was this sentence, which strikes a particular chord with me:

"If there's any resonances with the contemporary experience, I think its what we've witnessed, and certainly in my generation, of how corporatised and how globalised our lives have become, which I think has diminished the potential of the mystery of being human – that somehow that is suppressed in the way that it doesn't get to flourish because there are parameters."

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