Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why do we persist with fiddling with nature?

A report has been published questioning the health benefits of mandatory lacing bread with folic acid (see here). It's like the use of GM crops, or concreting over floodplains - they're espoused without thinking for a second of the consequences or side-effects. What is so wrong with our society that we continue to tinker with nature, even though we have no real control over what we do? Take climate change - pretending six billion people pumping all those chemicals and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and surrounding environment has no effect on the world around us is frankly criminal. If it has no effect, where does it go - magic la la land?

Mankind needs to wake up and start smelling the coffee - preferably coffee that hasn't been laced with calcium or some other chemical we can get through a healthy, balanced diet.

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