Monday, November 05, 2007

BBC Countryfile magazine, issue 2...

... hits the shelves today. You'll find my guide to having a greener Christmas in there, on page 72. One interesting letter was published this month; in it, the reader asks, "I would be interested to know what vehicles your writers drive and what road and air miles they have travelled in the past year. I would bet my carbon footprint is considerably less than any of theirs."

Happy to oblige. My air miles over the past 12 months was zero, and my road miles, based on the mileage given on my VW Golf 1.4's MOT certificate, was 5,315. In fact, that's the combined road and air miles for both Toni and myself, considering we only have the one car.

I can, of course, go further - based on my answers at the WWF's Footprint Calculator (see here), my total footprint is 1.43 planets, which equates to 5.08 tonnes of carbon dioxide per annum. It's clearly still far too much, but sadly it compares extremely favourably to the average UK citizen, whose footprint is three planets. Hopefully the writer of that letter to Countryfile is also well below this average, and I trust he'll accept that this writer isn't "hypocritical" in trying to preach an environmental message to others.

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