Friday, November 23, 2007

Eight days old...

You'll notice there's no talk about global warming (I noted the UN report, and can only hope that governments start to wake up and take decisive action that will be unpopular, but indicative of real leadership) or any other rants - even the shock departure of Steve Bruce hasn't warranted a mention.

That's because our time is taken up largely by looking after Harriet Rose, who is doing well. She'd lost a lot of weight when weighed on Tuesday, although I think it wasn't as much as I'd first feared due to the fact it was in metric (2.7kg down from 3.09kg). Today's weight was 2.9kg, or 6lbs 8oz, just 3-4oz down on her birth weight. We'd have been surprised if she hadn't made a strong recovery as the "real" milk kicked in the day before yesterday and she's been feeding greedily ever since. She's a lot more alert too - although there are only glimpses of that between feeding, sleeping and screaming to be fed. Thankfully she does calm down a little even without food at certain times of the night - three of the last four nights have seen me catch up on TV with her in my arms so Toni can get a precious hour or two's rest. As for me, I seem to be coping without too much sleep - the odd bout of drowsiness or cat nap, but on the whole I'm functional to cook the meals, wash up the meals, look after Toni (who is thankfully getting much better after her ordeal) and feed the cats. Oh, and try to squeeze some paid work in too.

It's amazing thinking she's only eight days old, because it feels like she's been with us for longer, and we can see her develop every single day. I wonder how much of that is down to the lack of sleep? The old cliché about thinking your own child is beautiful come what may rings true too, although I genuinely think she's a pretty baby. Reminds me, I must get more photos uploaded to Facebook.

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