Friday, November 02, 2007

Enough moaning already!

Life trundles on nicely. Today we've got the 36-week scan for the baby - hopefully it'll reveal nothing untoward and things will be allowed to progress to their natural conclusion, which centres around the due date of 27th November. I'm hoping the baby doesn't make an appearance before the 14th as I've crammed in a lot of work in the first half of this month to try and give me a few weeks where the workload isn't too excessive as we try to switch to three-hour days or however much sleep Petit Pois decides to give us.

I also got a bumper pay packet this morning. Coupled with submitting my tax return yesterday and discovering I could claim extra tax relief on my pension contributions from last year (I'd rather not speculate on how much tax relief I've missed out on because I only found this out recently), our finances are in... a... I can't say it. I can hear the car threatening to blow a gasket as I type. OK, put another way - if/when the car develops its next fault, the Visa card is paid off, the ISA topped up and pretty much everything the baby should need is purchased.

It goes without saying that we're going to the hospital by bus today.

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