Monday, November 05, 2007

Farmers' markets agonise over expansion

There's an interesting story in today's Guardian (see here) about how a row is brewing in my old home of Bath over controversial plans to expand the local farmer's market. How this is handled could have major repercussions throughout the country's network of farmer markets.

To my eternal shame, we haven't yet visited our local farmer's market. I've tried to purchase locally produced food where I can - the move to the Co-op has helped immeasurably here, but I'm aware it's still a supermarket I'm shopping in. It's great these markets are doing so well, but the bald facts are if everyone switches to organic and sustainable food then we'll all go short. Of course, if people weren't too busy throwing away one bag in every three they buy, it might be that we could move away from this intensive agriculture we still rely on so heavily, but it's not something that could happen overnight without widespread hardship. Having said that, if people want to stop that overnight shift through climate change, they'd better start taking those small steps to a more sustainable lifestyle now.

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