Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Speed cameras

Four years ago I received an email - anonymously of course - attacking me for daring to speak out against those who smash up speed cameras. George Monbiot does the same today (see here), and I still agree wholeheartedly with him. Speed limits are there for a reason, and if they inconvenience someone because they prevent them from putting other people in danger, then so much the better. We might live in a world where - on the whole - people always put their own freedom and selfish interests before everyone else's, but on this point the government is right and correct to continue erecting speed cameras and to introduce harsher penalties for those who don't so much break the limit as smash it into little pieces. I've been done twice in one day on the M4 and A449, and I learned my lesson.

If anyone fancies attacking me anonymously again on this issue, feel free. You clearly don't have any facts to back up your argument, and I'd love you to meet some of the families of victims of those who have driven too fast. And all so you can put your own selfish whims above the lives of others. How pathetic is that?

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