Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy New Year

Yesterday's Christmas Day celebration went very well, all things considered. We'd been a little apprehensive about entertaining both sets of grandparents, my sister and her boyfriend, but considering they did most of the hard work, "entertaining" was perhaps stretching the point a little! Lou - with some help from mum - cooked a wonderful Christmas dinner, and although I acted as her assistant for the final hour or two of cooking (having popped the locally produced, free-range turkey in the oven at 9am), the hard work had already been done. Everything tasted wonderful, and Toni's Christmas pudding was the perfect pudding with a dollop of mum's brandy sauce and some cream.

I was also pleased to get to 4pm before opening the bulk of my presents - having received a lovely Christmas gift the evening before when Harriet graced me with my first incontrovertible smile - and was happy with my lot. The company was pleasant, the Christmas TV was good fun (Doctor Who was its usual self at Christmas - rip-roaring stuff without seriously threatening the series' best episodes). The only downside was the cold I'd developed overnight (I blame my daughter, as I'd had to sit up with her from 11am to 2am the night before), but thankfully so far it's not developed too much - fingers crossed!

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