Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Back to work

Like many, I'm back to work today. I saw the New Year in by sleeping on the floor of the lounge as Harriet was refusing to go down and I wanted Toni to get some sleep. No cuddles for her ladyship - straight into the bouncy chair, on with her mix CD and she was asleep within minutes. I woke up twice - once at 12.50am as the CD was coming to its end. Normally she's woken at this time, but she stayed resolutely asleep as the repeat kicked in, so I turned on the gas fire for five minutes to dispel the chill (she was nicely wrapped up, of course!), then settled down to wait for her to wake, dropping off within minutes.

Two hours later and she's still dead to the world while I'm now wide awake. I switched off the CD, but she stayed resolutely asleep, so crept upstairs to prepare her for a nappy change where I met Toni who'd also awoken. Back down to the baby and half an hour later I decide to rest my eyes (after another quick burst from the fire).

I finally took her upstairs at 4.30am where she promptly awoke on being put down. A world record for sleeping, but ever since we've noticed a change. She's more alert than ever, smiles a lot more and was well behaved again last night. Good thing too, considering the amount of TV we got through!

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