Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I think we can safely say that if Birmingham City stay up this season it will be a miracle. David Gold has come out in the local press (see here) and said the manager has £5m to spend. That's £2m from Bruce's departure to Wigan, plus any other monies he's able to raise from player sales. Gold makes the usual spiel of dipping into his own pocket if the right player becomes available, but we all know that's little more than an advance which will be paid back on the quiet later on. After all, if it isn't the case, what happened to the monies we received from David Dunn and Matthew Upson in the last January transfer window? I also note that Gold talks about Bruce spending £13.5m in the last transfer window, while quietly keeping quiet about the money he recouped in player sales.

I have no objection to the club being run as a business, but I do think our owners are taking the mickey one time too many. That's why crowds are dwindling, interest is waning and until they clear off we'll be in the doldrums. Oh well, if we are relegated at the end of the season, perhaps they'll accept a reduced bid for their remaining shares from Carson Yeung. After all, if they were willing to rip him off they ought to hold their hands up and accept a lower offer if they can't even manage the club to Premiership safety.

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