Friday, February 08, 2008

Premiership football abroad

It goes without saying I oppose this ridiculous idea to play an extra round of matches between Premiership clubs in far-flung locations (see here). As you can see, the chairman of my own football club is unabashedly behind the plan, but that's no surprise considering just how money grabbing our owners are. Having sold 29.9 per cent of the club to a Chinese consortium, they are now urging shareholders to block said consortium's attempts to install two of its own members on to the board. Perhaps if our owners had given them a seat on the board in return for the initial £15m investment (which, of course, the club will never see a penny of as it went straight into our owners' pockets) they might have been able to have avoided all the communication issues that plagued the club during the first half of the season.

You'll notice I've already got sidelined from my original rant - that's because the way things are going, we won't have to worry about what new ways the Premiership has of screwing its fan base for more money. Perhaps if our chairman had spent a little more in the last transfer window we wouldn't now be staring relegation in the face. Mind you, if the future of Premiership football is to play abroad with all of the environmental and economic ramifications of doing so, part of me hopes we're stuck in the Championship when it happens. At least I can get to Portman Road in Ipswich without having to step on a plane...

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