Thursday, March 13, 2008

Pompey 4, Blues 2

A gutting result, but one that was on the cards when Blues found themselves 2-0 down inside nine minutes. The first sounded like a harsh penalty (apparently if the ball is rammed into your arm when it's being held down by your side it's a penalty, but not if you're flailing your arms around in the air), but poor defending was responsible for both that and Pompey's third goal.

By half time it was 2-2 - Muamba's first Blues goal and another superb free kick from Sebastian Larsson gave us hope of an upset, but within four minutes of the restart Pompey were back in front and despite Blues dominating possession and battering them we were unable to find the equaliser and a flattering fourth breakway goal was scored at the death.

It wouldn't be Blues if they didn't put us through this time and time again - I'd written them off as relegation certainties a few weeks ago, and deep down I'm expecting the same again, but true to form they'll drag it out for as long as possible. Clearly we're a threat going forward now, but our defence is poor, and it appears we'll have to win games 3-2 and 4-3 from here on in to save ourselves. Might be exciting for the neutral - I'm dreading the Newcastle game on Setanta Sports on Monday night where Sod's Law mixed with Blues' Law dictates Keegan will get his first win - but I'm going to have to try and distance myself from all of this because frankly behind the thin veneer of excitement lies the increasingly tiresome feelings of supporting this football club who've been there, but failed to do it too many times to remember.

You'd think I was a gloomy sod reading this blog, wouldn't you!

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