Thursday, March 13, 2008

A happy post

Just to prove my life isn't all doom and gloom, I thought I'd share some happy - for me anyway - stories about my life at present.

Harriet Rose continues to develop fast, delighting us with her growth and new skills, whether it's blowing raspberries, gripping things or sharing laughs and giggles (okay, only when she's in the bath with mummy at the moment).

Environmentally speaking, we're making progress. Today I went to take the solitary rubbish bin out only to bring it back in - it was less than half full, there was nothing smelly in it, and it seemed a waste to put it out. What's more, hopefully it won't smell bad again now we've placed an order for a new kitchen composting kit that allows you to reduce all food waste - including cooked meals - to compostable material in just two weeks. Coupled with Colchester's new expanded recycling programme, this promises to cut back on our waste. Considering how simple it's going to become, I can only hope others follow suit soon or Colchester starts compelling people to recycle more by introducing a pay-as-you-throw scheme.

I'm trying to reintroduce a vegetarian only meal or two during the week too. Carrot and cheddar bake was on the table Tuesday (with baked beans) and yesterday (with swede), and it tasted pretty good, even if the portions weren't as big as I'd like!

Work's a little thin on the ground at the moment, but I've got enough to keep the wolves at bay for this month at least, and there might be an opportunity to branch into a new area, but I've not yet received confirmation. I'll chase that up again tomorrow as it'll make a trip to Framlingham Castle for Countryfile on Monday morning doubly worth it.

Yes, life is good - perhaps that's why I need to rant on the blog, because I've sorted my life out and get frustrated at so many people's inability to see beyond the consumptive lifestyle to what really matters. If they weren't helping to quicken the destruction of human civilisation in the process I'd probably just nod sadly, but instead I get angry. Ho hum...

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