Friday, March 14, 2008

Get over yourself BA

Quel surprise - the boss of BA somehow believes we can increase the number of flights in this country through aggressive airport expansion without increasing our carbon footprint (see here).

Putting aside all the other concerns - like disruption to all of those living around Heathrow - let's focus on the big one, shall we? Our carbon footprint needs to be slashed, not kept at the same level. Airlines already account for 9 per cent of the UK's carbon footprint, and I for one am not happy thinking that in the future everyone else will have to reduce their carbon footprint to reach our targets while the airlines - already exempt from paying the same price for fuel as everyone else - ignore what's going on around them.

Air travel should be an expensive luxury, not cheaper than getting on a train, bus or driving by car. It's time it started paying a fair price for the environmental damage it causes by finding itself being cut back, not expanded upon. And before whining on about how people will be inconvenienced by such a move, ask yourself why my freedom to live on a planet I can bequeath to my child in a state that's fit for human habitation should be ignored in favour of some bloke's desire to either live in one country and work in another, or visit his second home on the continent every six weeks.

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