Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sepp Blatter

I think it's time either Birmingham City FC or Martin Taylor took steps to nip this ridiculous notion that Taylor attempted to deliberately injure Eduardo in the bud, and the only way to do that is start issuing writs. Sepp Blatter has decided that FIFA will look at Taylor's tackle to see if it warrants any further action (see here), which is a surprising move considering he recently commented on the accident with the following words: "It's shocking when you see how this player was attacked, it's not football." (See here.)

Clearly Blatter hasn't bothered to study the tackle in detail, where he'll find no evidence of a player deliberately going to stamp the player (as happened with Claude Makele at West Ham last week) or attempting to tackle a player with a scissors tackle (as happened to Marijan Buljat in training last year when he broke his leg. The person who tackled him? Eduardo - see here). Consequently to make comments like "
This is to destroy another player, and that is not the aim of our game" is, in my opinion libellous. Trust Blatter to cover himself with glory yet again, but this time he's the one destroying a player by besmirching his reputation with off-the-cuff remarks that have little or no basis in fact.

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