Tuesday, April 15, 2008

House prices falling, food prices rising...

... and still the government claims we're well placed to withstand this downturn (see here). Sadly, people have finally woken up to the fact that this Labour government will say anything to appear popular. Its desire to chase headlines since the word go has slowly, but surely, eroded people's ability to trust what it says. After all, if we believed this government, we'd be thinking that the 2.5 per cent mix of bio-fuels in petrol from today would be helping combat global warming, not making it worse (see here).

But when reading the hysterical headlines in today's Daily Mail and Daily Express (see here) about "soaring" food costs, spare a thought for those people worldwide who will starve because of our greed for food and now bio-fuels is depriving them of the very stuff they need to survive. And then try not to think too hard about how his so-called Labour government has cut the 10p rate of income tax to cripple people struggling on low incomes for a few fancy headlines designed to appeal to the middle classes. I wonder how many past Labour Prime Ministers would look on Blair and Brown with pride?

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