Sunday, June 22, 2008

Am I surprised?

It seems a majority of the British are still doubting both climate change and human influence on climate change (click here). While it's true the government has shown a shocking lack of leadership on this issue, it's clearly just people finding any old excuse to ignore the fact that their lives are unsustainable.

It's not just about climate change - we're rapidly diminishing stocks of natural resources in our quests to live an impossible life. Remember, many people seem to want prices to come down on the one hand while enjoying above-inflation pay rises on the other, despite the fact the two are mutually incompatible.

I'm not surprised at this news - the fact that people seize on a handful of rogue voices in a sea of thousands of reputable scientists to try and justify ignoring what's going on around them is merely evidence of the fact they are addicts to oil as Johann Hari reported a while ago (I cover this separately below).

It's also tempting to lose all hope, but the fact is, life will go on in some form or another. If humanity is unwilling to change its ways, then we deserve to follow in the footsteps of other species that have been unwilling to adapt to what has been going on around them.

Oh, and if you still doubt humans are having an effect on the climate, tell me where all of those greenhouse gases we spew into the atmosphere actually go. And remember that it was only 150 years ago - a blip in geological terms - that humans numbered less than one billion on this planet. We're currently six billion and rising fast. It's simple science. Accept it, and move on - or die out.

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