Thursday, June 19, 2008

GM rears its ugly head again

It's being widely reported that Gordon Brown wants to "open a debate" on growing GM crops in Britain (see here).

This is a euphemism for "we will be allowing Monsanto to grow what the hell it likes in this country regardless of widespread public opposition to GM." Why else would the government talk to a group - the Agricultural Biotechnology Council - which is entirely run by representatives of companies who have a vested financial interest in GM (see here)?

People - usually ignorant idiots who don't bother to do any research beyond swallowing whole what the GM industry's press releases tell them - still don't realise the damage GM will do to this planet. One of the best rebuttals of GM comes from Michael McCarthy in today's Independent (click here).

Intensive agriculture is seen as the solution to the world's food problems, and part of that is the idea that big is always better. Monbiot disputes this (click here), and the fact that many of the claims made by GM companies don't stand up to independent scrutiny.

It's clearly another example of where our government is once again bending over backwards to accommodate a business interest over the interests of its own paying customers (ie, the taxpayer). Once again when confronted with a problem, Brown shows a complete lack of imagination or any kind of long-term plan in plumping for what appears to be the most convenient and simple solution.

Looks like the real questions that will confront the human race - population control, a switch to safe, renewable forms of energy, etc - will need to be left to another leader. Shame we don't have the time or luxury to wait.

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