Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summing up what is wrong with British business

The Independent has exposed the British pig farming industry for not being as kind to pigs as its adverts portray (see here).

The reaction of the industry: "The most concerning factor is that this vegan campaigning company should be jeopardising the health and welfare of English pigs by breaking into private property."

I'd have thought the most concerning factor is that your adverts say one thing while the reality paints quite a different picture. Hopefully this is simply the actions of a minority, which the industry should come down hard on before it starts firing counter accusations anywhere else. I would be acutely embarrassed if I claimed something and was found to be lying, but it seems we live in a country where it's perfectly acceptable for business to lie through its teeth without any serious repercussions.

I guess that puts the vast majority of British pork off the menu - thank goodness the Co-op produces a RSPCA Freedom Food range, which will be the minimum standard we'll have to shop for from now on. So much for being able to trust British farmers...

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