Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tomorrow is D(DH)-Day

Tomorrow is the day of Harri's operation - although she hopefully won't be opened up, she has to go under general anaesthetic while they manipulate her hips into position (10-15 minutes) and apply the plaster cast (around two hours!). It's obviously going to be a long wait, much longer than the 25 minutes I had to wait when she was born under general.

The fear, trepidation and - perversely - excitement is growing. Excitement because it will hopefully mark the beginning of the period where her hip problems are corrected. If all goes well we should be home on Friday, and then two weeks later we return for a check up. Hopefully that will show there are no problems and she'll be eight weeks away from coming out of plaster and into a harness for three months. The harness will need to be on for 20 hours a day at first - so she can go swimming and have baths again - and then after six weeks it'll only need to be on at night.

I guess there's fear of the anaesthetic, the procedure itself not working and the unknown. So many things will change - how she's dressed, washed, has her nappy changed, fed, sits, moves about, sleeps, etc. She'll adapt quickly, but how quickly will we adapt? At least we only have to wait 2-3 weeks to get her checked over and see if the procedure has worked - fingers crossed it has, and that it corrects her condition.

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