Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Care to back this claim up?

In attempting to justify the building of a third runway at Heathrow, BA chief executive Willie Walsh has made this claim: that planes manufactured in 2019/20 will emit 55 per cent less carbon dioxide than those from 2000.

That’s a mighty impressive claim, but I wonder if he has any facts to back it up? I doubt it – while scientists are expected to go the extra mile to first prove the existence of climate change and then prove man’s link to it (note to those who say mankind has no effect on the environment: where does all those billions of tonnes of pollution we spew out every single year go then?), I can see plenty of people swallowing his line hook, line and sinker without question.

Some interesting links: a Greenpeace coalition has bought up land earmarked for the third runway (see here), while George Monbiot makes a compelling argument – backed up with carefully researched facts no less –against the idea that more planes is somehow good for the masses (click here).

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