Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Utter madness

I see that an advertisement from Benylyn that dares to suggest sick people take a day off work to recover from illness has been referred to the Advertising Standards Authority.

Here's the deal: people get sick. In the past, the best remedy was a day in bed at home, where you recuperated while battling the illness, with or without the help of drugs. Now it appears that short of being on your deathbed, British business expects people to pop a few pills and struggle into work where they'll invariably infect their colleagues while vainly attempting to stay productive.

Each passing day sees me drift further and further into what has to be a dsytopian nightmare. We're constantly told how British business loses millions or billions a year due to the dastardly fact that people get ill and take sick days. Who would actually benefit from these lost billions anyway? Not you or I, the poor saps who play Russian roulette with our health to keep pouring money into the business we work for, that's for sure. No, the faceless shareholders and rich. The next time you're feeling under the weather and wondering whether or not to struggle into work or not, ask yourself one question: is it worth knocking years off your life for a tiny minority of the world's overblown population, just so they can continue to destroy it in the pursuit of yet more selfish, short-term gain and cash?

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