Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson

I can’t say why, but the death of Natasha Richardson has affected me peculiarly. I feel a sense of devastation and loss for the family she leaves behind, and yet I barely knew about her. I’ve never followed her career, noted only in passing her marriage to Liam Neeson (although it was always pleasing to see how happy they most obviously were).

Perhaps it’s the sheer bad luck in the accident that ultimately took her life, or the fact she leaves behind a devoted husband and two young boys. Or maybe it came so quickly after Harri bumped her head (no long-lasting effects for our sweetheart thankfully – the bump came up quickly and was gone just as quickly) – a reminder of how fragile our own lives are. Whatever the reasons, I can only record my condolences, even though they are utterly insufficient and cannot even begin to provide comfort for a family that is thrust into mourning. There but for the grace of [insert your own deity here] go all of us…

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