Monday, May 25, 2009

Harriet stands up

It’s been about a week since Harriet could stand unaided – not for too long, as she likes to fall back and be caught, but clearly bearing her own weight. Last night she was able to pick herself up from a sitting position on the floor and stand without the need for a helping hand – in other words, she can push herself up directly from the floor to stand unaided. We were tickled pink, and so was she – she did it five times, the last time in her brace, which is a feat in itself (but not one we’re keen for her to repeat!). Her first unaided steps can’t be too far away – what a relief and a joy after her initial diagnosis back in August.

It’s been a long time – tiring at times, but if I’m honest it hasn’t been as draining as I thought it would be. Only once have I truly felt sorry for myself, shortly after we returned from the initial operation with a bout of flu. Obviously we’ve felt sorry for Harri throughout (but that has always been tempered with the knowledge that there are children out there with far worse things to deal with), but she’s dealt with her lot admirably, and it seems that people “in the know” have been right in saying you’ll never know she went through it all.

Of course, she’s not out of the woods completely – she’ll need to have annual or bi-annual checkups until she’s 14 – but it’s hard not to think that the worst – touch wood and all that – is over.

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