Monday, May 18, 2009

Harriet’s hips

Fantastic news. Have just got back from Harri’s three-month follow-up consultation after progressing from the plaster to a harness. When her hips were measured three months ago they were at 38 degrees and 35 degrees respectively (the lower the better, with 30 degrees considered good progress at that stage). We were hoping that they would be around 31-32 degrees this time round, but after a long, laborious wait in the x-ray room the consultant was astounded to discover that her hips are now 24.5 degrees and 27.5 degrees respectively, with a “normal” hips being 25 degrees. No one expected this level of development – certainly not us – so we’re chuffed to bits. The only thing I can think of having helped her hips develop so fast must be the fact we use real nappies, which help shape the hips in such a way as to aid development and promote growth.

She needs to keep the harness on at night for another six weeks purely for “paranoia’s” sake, but they’re chuffed to bits, and our next consult at the hospital won’t now be until October.

The major downer on the day was that the little boy who had a pelvis operation the same time as Harri (and we’ve kept in touch with his family) will have to have another operation, which was completely out of the blue and a real blow. While I can’t help but be overjoyed for Harri and us, my thoughts go to Lewis and his family. Hopefully all will be well and that we can be a source of help and comfort – however slight – over the coming months.

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