Friday, July 31, 2009

Rest in peace, Sir Bobby

The passing of Sir Bobby Robson has seen a large outpouring of feeling towards this most decent and gentle of human beings, who thankfully was recognised for his sterling job as England manager before he left us.

Robson performed miracles as a manager at Ipswich and Newcastle – how the Geordies must have rued dispensing of his services in the way they did, but he proved himself on the European domestic stage too. As England manager he endured a lot of abuse and criticism, but there is no doubt in my mind that he was our second best manager ever, as evidenced by how close we came to winning the World Cup in 1990 (and maybe we’d have come closer in 86 too if it hadn’t been for a certain Argentine’s hand).

People are queuing up to remember him with fondness, and I’m glad, because it was blatantly obvious even from a distance that he was intelligent, a gentleman and extremely talented to boot. His last appearance at the weekend shocked me, but he clearly appreciated the gesture at his beloved St James Park and it was hopefully a fitting send off for this great man.

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