Saturday, September 26, 2009

Harri update

We’ve all recovered from the stomach bug earlier this week. Harri doesn’t have a date for her hernia consult (or op), but it looks like it’ll be 4-6 weeks from yesterday when our regular doctor finally did what the other doctor should have done on Monday and got a letter of referral sorted (as the doctor in A&E feared last weekend, his referral got logged, but never actually sent).

After our initial panic, compounded by last week’s stomach bug, and assuaged by our doctor yesterday, we’re in a more comfortable place with this hernia. It’s come up and down a few times since last week, but that’s apparently normal and there’s no risk to Harri (and she certainly doesn’t seem that bothered by it, last week’s A&E episode notwithstanding). Consequently, if everything’s under control and there’s nothing to worry about – although being a parent you’ve always got the worst-case scenario in the back of your mind – then 4-6 weeks isn’t such a problem.

The operation has now been referred back to Colchester, which makes me think it’ll conveniently take place after Harri’s second birthday on 15th November. That helps, obviously, although the only question is the date of the consult. In all likelihood it won’t affect our planned trip to the West Country in the middle of next month, but you can never say never, particularly when the Law of Sod has yet to be applied!

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