Saturday, October 03, 2009

Nice money if you can get it

When I resigned from Future Publishing seven years ago, I left having helped the magazine I edited make hefty profits for two years running. Unsurprisingly, by opting to resign from my job and go freelance I wasn’t given any kind of severance package. I thought this was normal, but clearly I was wrong.

Karren Brady has decided to resign from her job as Managing Director of Birmingham City FC, despite being asked to stay on by the club’s new owners. She already appears to be bunking off during her notice period, taking on filming commitments for The Apprentice on BBC TV. Now The Mirror has highlighted something that has been in the public domain for weeks: that Brady will get a severance package worth up to £1m in money and perks.

Of course, no mention of this has been made in Brady’s column in rival paper The Sun. Instead she attacks the incoming owners for not keeping David Gold on as Chairman. In what other business would you sell your stake for a hefty profit and then expect to remain as Chairman?

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