Monday, October 05, 2009


After an incredibly busy September – my best month for a long time – October has come along and suddenly everything is quiet again. In fact, as things stand, October is set to be my worst month for quite some time. Last month commissions kept flooding in through the month and I had to squeeze them in, so maybe I’ll pick up some work throughout this month, although our scheduled break in the middle of the month (a trip to see old friends and colleagues in the West Country, ending with a stop-off at Stanmore on the way home for Harri’s first checkup since May) will no doubt get in the way of any work I do get offered.

I’ve written for a wider variety of publications and web sites than ever over the past 12 months, but my regular work has dwindled to the point where it just about covers the mortgage payments after tax, but little else. Joe and I meet up in Ipswich on Wednesday for a conflab, but maybe I should just enjoy the time off and try not to worry too much about what might – or might not – be around the corner.

As always, it’s a good time to try and count your blessings. I’ve felt a bit down lately without really realising it. I don’t think my music choice has helped – too many sad songs and songs harking back to one’s youth. Perhaps I’m feeling my age in five-a-side football, even though I’m probably fitter than I’ve been for a long time. Maybe it’s a loss of identity as my daughter’s one develops so quickly – I wouldn’t change it for the world, but maybe I’ve too easily relegated myself to the role of “Harri’s dad”. Or perhaps, when all is said and done, I really do need to get out a bit more!

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