Wednesday, June 27, 2007

End of an era

I could be talking about Tony Blair stepping down and Gordon Brown stepping up, or I could be talking about the fact that Blues are seemingly several steps closer to changing hands. Either way, these are interesting times ahead. Brown has made all the right noises so far - talking about being a servant rather than a "leader", but he has a long way to go to prove me of anything right now. The media may be indulging in its usual hype of reacting before there's anything substantial to react to, but I won't be fooled until I see the colour of his money. Similarly, Blues' current owners (Messrs Gold, Gold and Sullivan) want to see the colour of prospective buyer Carson Yeung's cash too.

Today Blues have been linked with three potentially exciting new players - Flamini from Arsenal, De Ridder from Celta Vigo, and Kapo from Juventus. All young, hungry and hopefully able to add flair and hard work to the team. Gary O'Connor's prospective move from Lokomotiv Moscow should hopefully be complete in the next 48 hours too. None of these players will cost massive amounts - we're looking at £2-3m each - which is refreshing in this transfer market where silly fees have been touted. Bruce is doing exactly the right thing - tapping into various markets looking for young, energetic players whose best years are ahead of them. Exciting or interesting times? Who knows, but I'll enjoy all this speculation while it lasts...

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