Thursday, June 28, 2007

Third time unlucky

It's all my fault. I should have known better. What possessed me anyway?

Yesterday I revealed to Toni that I'd managed to get the ISA up to its highest level since we moved in, with plans to push it even higher by the end of the year. I've done this before - the first time just before we went to Canada and the car's engine died on our return; the second time at the beginning of this year just before the gearbox went. Within hours of me blabbing this news, the central locking system had failed. Now we can only get in through the passenger door unless we're fortunate enough to catch it in a good mood when it'll open all four doors. The driver's door will lock all four doors, but won't unlock them.

When I heard this news last night I was mentally pushing the damn thing into the car crusher at the scrap yard, vowing never to own a car again. Unfortunately, in the real world we don't have that luxury as Toni needs it for her business. It doesn't get used much, but it does need to be used - you can't go to craft fairs armed with loads of boxes on the bus!

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