Monday, June 25, 2007

More on the super-rich...

... Johann Hari's article in today's Independent can be read here. Then ask yourself how anyone can allow this handful of people so much wealth without asking them to pay a fair tax on it.

I still can't comprehend a point at which I'd own all this money and still want more of it. And why are those people who don't contribute anything to the running of this country in terms of taxation in a position to dictate to everyone else how we should live our lives? For example, why are the British people and Labour Party happy to have their opinions spoon-fed to them by a newspaper like The Sun, which is run by an Australian-born US citizen who inhabits this class of uber-rich people who go to great lengths to avoid paying tax? Surely he's the last person who should be dictating what we think and what we do.

You would think that this "great" and this "good" country wouldn't tolerate the existence of such individuals, hoovering up our spare cash and hoarding it among themselves. We hear talk of them threatening to leave the country if the government dares to close loopholes on taxation. I would give them one of two options: accept this change, or have your assets frozen until you've paid a tax bill back-dated for five years. Then if you want to clear off, do so. At least then your money will have meant something, if it goes towards health, public transport or even foreign aid. Anything better than sitting in a bank account serving as some kind of substitute for your own inadequacies, whatever they are.

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