Thursday, September 06, 2007

BBC drops Planet Relief

It was first reported yesterday, and has made the front page of the Independent today (see here). I'm guessing it's suggesting that the incontrovertible fact of climate change still can't be proved, but this opens up a can of worms in itself. The vast majority of the scientific community accepts that global warming isn't just some future threat, it's here and now. Perhaps the BBC should stop reporting stories about evolution as fact - I'm sure there are plenty of creationist scientists out there who believe in the literal truth of that great work of fiction, The Bible.

Perhaps it believes that global warming is too political an issue, in which case perhaps it should stop Children in Need and Comic Relief too, because both issues are political in themselves.

Or perhaps the biggest shame of all is that I feel too browbeaten by mankind's refusal to sit up, smell the coffee and get on with doing something about the crisis that threatens to engulf us to emote anything other than disappointment and resignation right now.

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P. Franks said...

The problem isn't the BBC - It's the restraints that government puts onto the BBC. Until recently the BBC wasn't allowed to run anything that said 'Save the Whale' etc as it was a bias...

Just part of the constraints that hamper our main broadcaster in our country that doesn't have media censorship. Ahem.