Friday, November 30, 2007

35 today

I think that officially makes me middle-aged, but I don't feel it physically (mentally is another matter, as the rants will attest!). Harriet was very good last night - grouchy after all the visitors she received, but the pay off came with her waking just twice during the night for a feed - an early birthday present gratefully received along with the Eagles CD (oops, there goes that middle aged thing again!). A nice collection of presents in all, so thank you to everyone. I would provide a list, but it's difficult typing with one hand!

Just one snippet to report - business is calling for stronger measures on climate change (click here). Best quote: "If I have grandchildren one day, I could not bear it if they asked me: Why did you not do something when it was possible to make a difference?"

So now you have a mandate, Brown. Grow some balls and start doing something - and when business inevitably complains about it, shove that quote back in their face!

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